Everyone has a favorite modification they’ve done to their RV. Maybe it’s an accessory, a DIY project or a gadget they’ve installed. We love to see what others have added to their RVs.
In this video, we take you to an RBV gathering we attended in Florida where we asked a bunch of folks…. What’s in your RV?
Here are links to some if the extras we showed you in the video:
—The swing-away bike extension arm is made by Kuat and is available at REI at
— The remote macerator switch idea came from And the switch came from www.parts-express.com It is the SPST Small Rocker Switch w/Amber Illumination 12VDC, Brand:Parts Express|Part # 060-678
— The shades are called Remi Shades and you can find links and info on them at

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  1. Love the remote macerator switch & rearview camera! I don't know why Roadtrek thinks the macerator needs a "dead man's switch" in the form of a button you have to keep pressed the whole time, with all the noise it makes it's not like anyone's going to forget they left their macerator running & drive off with it on. I'll definitely look into that.

    And I had already looked into getting a rear dashcam to hook into the front-facing one I already had, partially for a record in case of any rear-collision incidents but also as a possible compliment to the severely limited view of Roadtrek's straight-down pointing rear camera, but the Best Buy tech I discussed it with wasn't confident of being able to unobtrusively mount it without interfering with the use of my rear doors & shades, and he was clearly not up to the wiring job shown in your video. I'll have to look around for a car stereo place that might be up to the job, but where I live options are pretty limited.