No NFC App comes close to the power of Tasker. With the Tasker URL Launcher plug-in app, you can launch any Tasker task from an NFC Tag by simply writing a special URL to it. Recent Android updates have made Tasker URL Launcher not work on some phones – if it’s not working on your phone, I recommend using the FREE app Llama which is a great Tasker companion as it can trigger tasks based on NFC Tags but also does a lot of other great things and has excellent location triggering.

Tasker URL Launcher is available for FREE on Google Play here:


  1. You used to be able to use this to create a qr code that would launch a tasker task when you scanned it like you do with the NFC tags, but only barcode scanner worked with the "tasker://" prefix. Other scanners would automatically insert http:// before tasker:// making it unusable. Now unfortunately barcode scanner seems to do the same thing. Is there a qr code scanner that doesn't do this? I use qr droid for normal qr codes & it has always done this.

  2. Well, the nfc tag just triggers the tasker task. Within Tasker you can specify time parameters. You can basically set up the first 2-5 (however many tasks) to be time task that say If it's between this time and this time go to step 7; if it's between this time and this time go to step 10; If between this time and this time go to step 14. then in those steps you have the task telling it to do what you want if it's between those times and end with the step "stop" (so it doesn't continue to others

  3. I don't think another tag type will work. It seems that this no longer works for me on my S3 either. I've tried many different things. I contacted the dev to see if he's considered a slightly more advanced app that would allow writing and opening the link through this app which would assure it would work. I'll let you know what he says. Otherwise the free app Llama can trigger tasker tasks via nfc & is a good companion to Tasker as it has excellent location triggering as well.

  4. Tried writing to the tag after information, but didn't work. Tried formatting to other type but failed. Reformatted to mifare classic. Same issue a before: tags prompt comes up, disable tags and nothing happens. Think I might try another type of tag.

  5. You might try "unformatting" the tag, then writing the URL to the tag. I've heard that works for some people. You can unformat a tag using StartNFC Expert > Tag Actions >Unformat NDEF Otherwise, I'd use the free app Llama (which is a good partner app to Tasker anyway because it has better location based triggers) which can trigger Tasker task and can also be triggered by NFC tags.

  6. of course having to "select" anything makes using NFC tags pointless… Yeah, not sure why it does that on some phones. Like I said, on my S3, before disabling tags, I get the same pop-up, but after disabling "Tags" it just triggers the command as it should. What I REALLY wish is that the Tasker developer would just add a native NFC Feature into Tasker. Hopefully that will happen soon…

  7. I was wondering what kind of phone The Webztarr may have, seeing as how the major differences between ours is 1) custom ROM (in this case, Xylon), and 2) Nexus device, meaning vanilla Android.

    Looks like it may be the fact its vanilla android, based on Aled's response.

  8. Actually, I just emailed Aled Thomas, the app developer, and got this very prompt response:

    "Hi, this appears to be a problem with some jelly bean devices, seems they changed something with how protocols are handled, haven't had a chance to look at it yet as I only recently got a jelly bean device and haven't set it up with any tags yet."

    So it looks like he may be able to get it fixed, given some time.

  9. I'm on a Galaxy S3 – stock ROM. Seems like it is an issue specific to how the device's ROM is programmed. Llama is another free app that can trigger tasker tasks via nfc tags using shortcuts. But I get not wanting to install a lot of apps. There is another NFC Tasker/Locale plug-in but I have not used it since Tasker URL Launcher works for me. Might wanna hit up the developer & see if he can correct the issue in the app programming but probably not.

  10. I'm having the same issue with my device – Nexus 4. Which do you have? And out of curiosity are you running a custom ROM? This is super frustrating! I've been on Google the past hour and haven't found anything useful.
    I hate to have to use NFC Task Launcher just to run Tasker tasks… And having to select something from the "Tag Collected" list makes the point kinda moot. =/

  11. Right, my apologies! When you said "Check them out" at 0:47, I thought you were separating yourself from andytags, but from watching it again, I see you were referring to the tags themselves!

    Really like the idea behind NFC and its sister RFID technology!

    +1 on the video =] I would also like to commend you for your hard work as founder of AndyTags =] I'm actually looking at doing something similar here in Canada and am looking for various suppliers from China for low cost tags..

    Cheers man!

  12. That is frustrating. It sounds like the plug-in isn't working exactly right. Assume in Tasker you have "allow 3rd party to access" (or something like that) checked in settings? Have your re-started your phone since installing Tasker URL Launcher? Try un-install, re-instal Tasker URL Launcher. Try un-install, re-install Tasker… After that, email Dev for URL Task launcher and explain all you've done – maybe he'll have an idea…

  13. That is strange. I have the Galaxy S3. "Tags" app disabled and it works perfectly for me as you can see in the vid. As a test, try writing a normal url ( to a tag and see what happens when you tap it (with tags enabled & disabled). Might be something specific to your phone?

  14. Ya so the thing is, before when it opened up "tags collected" it showed a little thing i could click that was tasker:\xxtask… and if i clicked it, it performed the task, and now when i read the tag with "tags' disabled, it jus makes a noise (a noise that different from when it would read the tag before)

  15. Well "tags collected" has something to do with Jelly Bean. Have no idea why they added that – I can't figure out an actual use or purpose for it and it interrupts or gets in the way of other NFC apps. So I disabled it on my phone. The "weird noise" you hear is probably your phone letting you know it did detect/read an NFC Tag. Tapping a tag doesn't load an app. If you've already written a URL to a tag & tapping doesn't trigger the Task then you did something wrong at some point.