More Market Weakness [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 1/31/2018 –

A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Market shows more weakness, what do we do?

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  1. Did not hear about Tokengo?
    It is the revolutionary platform on business tokenization which cornerstone the technology a blockchain is. The project develops seven-mile steps, developers embody the relevant ideas in life. The token as long-term investment looks is very perspective

  2. your first video that I watched you talked about positive about dentacoin, so I bought few millions of them, I lost 80% of my money, its all good . I lost all I could lose so nothing to sell.  not blaming you at all but I see the company is trying its best and can definitely use some help and still have lots to work on. time will tell.

  3. Also, most countries (politicians) have to say something about regulations, safety and security issues about cryptocurrencies to the masses that don't understand what Bitcoin is all about. Politicians responsibilities are to warn and educate the masses about possible frauds and the basics about this new cryptocurrency that still today, most people in the world doesn't know much about it. The politicians must react and they cover their butts while doing so from future popular citizens scrutiny backlashes. Its there job, so i don't think most countries will ban it.

  4. Damn Justin Sun its fucking everything up for tron and himself, he needs to keep his mouth shut stop tweeting, posting stuff, advertising himself so much, a business man keeps his mouth shut and let the fruit of his labor speaks for himself…stay quiet, calm, receptive and away from the media and people and everyone else will respect you and your product much better and would take you more serious. I hope you see this posting Justin Sun that needs some advice… lol, great video by the way!

  5. like the tee shirt bro! SMASH Up the Likes bro.. keep up the good work.. your continued dedications to this space is amazing.. Question.. you like ICON? ICX? if you can also look at CarVertical and let us know what you think of it.. cV is the symbol…. thanks bro !

  6. CAVEAT EMPTOR: Snippy of realist news caught with PUMP and DUMPING WILD last night among his paid subscribers… now he releases a video giving "bones2 to his cannon fodder dogs. What a scammer! He should hope the SEC/FBI get to him before some angry red neck who lost all his savings