How to change snapchat username without deleting account

There are so many apps at present which facilitates users to communicate with each other. In fact, choosing them has become a difficult proposition as you are bombarded with thousands of apps designated for your desire. Although very few of these apps have been able to outshine the others, there are some which stand apart from the crowd. For instance, if you have not tried Snapchat app as of now, you are simply missing out on something exciting.

An overview of Snapchat

This app uses a unique way to establish communication between users. Users can share their photos with each other and then these pictures get deleted automatically in 10 seconds. This unique feature gradually became the USP of the app. Thus, it got an immense fan following right from the onset till date. There are additional features like video chat and multimedia.  The brainchild of three college goers literally took the world by storm. As already mentioned, this app continues to remain popular.

awesome snapchat username ideas
awesome snapchat username ideas 2018

Almost everyone from celebrities to the students found it hard to resist the temptation of using this app for once. In fact, those in the celluloid industry found this app to be the perfect platform for their upcoming movie promotions.

The username feature in Snapchat

There are many of us who signed up for this app hastily. Later on, when the realization came to changing the Funny snapchat username ideas we were in for a setback. Unfortunately, once you are registered with a particular username, you cannot change it further. But, you can definitely do this by using some diligence. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Delete your old Snapchat account and create a new one.
  • This means you will have to furnish the details of a new e-mail account, so do that.
  • You can also transfer the names of all the contacts in your old Snapchat account to the new one. For this, you need to add them from your address book. This is after you are ready with your new Snapchat account.
  • Those people who already are using Snapchat, you will be able to view their ids instead of the phone number. Just add them.
  • Then, you can sign out from the newly created and Snapchat account and re-login into your old account. Once you click on the My Friends option, you should be able to view all your contacts. Write down their usernames.
  • Now, log in again to your newly created Snapchat account and start using it.

Snapchat username generators online

Thankfully, you no longer need to worry about your username. Now, you can use the online username generator for cool and funny or unique Snapchat usernames. There are many such online username generators. Use your research skills to identify the best among them. It should not take too long for you to get a funky username. Use this step, before you create your new Snapchat account. Now, with your new username but with the same contacts, you can spend quality time with them while exchanging pictures on this popular app.

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