iRig Guitar Interface for iPad/ iPhone + Amplitube iPad Review & Demo – The iRig guitar interface for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch 4G comes in at $39.99 and works with bass or guitar. We’re reviewing the full iPad app version although there are free versions with limited sounds.

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  1. Okay people, this guy obviously didn't use a thing called a speaker because I know this product sounds better than on this video. So if you say it sounds like shit, actually download the app, go to guitar center and get an irig to try it, or hell, there's even demos of guitar playing you can just try that and find a good stereo system. Don't judge based off an iPad it Droid speaker. Obviously it's gonna sound like shit. Also take note, headphones can lie as well

  2. I bought one of those turd sticks and it's went in my junk drawer in record speed. Very hard to click on things and when you the difference is close it nil. I am a boob, plug a $3,000 guitar into a $29.99 plastic crap hole and thinking a good thing will happen. They never tell you how to get the sound from that thing to your ears. Just headphones. I hope a few grand in cabs and I don't want to fuck with headphones.