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  1. A video fixated wholly on money and not ethics. A better reason not to buy from shady dealers is the likelihood of unethical treatment (in terms of ecological concerns and humaneness toward the animals). Or better yet, instead of being obscenely selfish and getting an exotic pet just to satisfy your desire for novelty, donate to wildlife preservation and then get a normal pet whose life would actually benefit tremendously by your adopting it.

  2. Millions of domesticated animals in need of a home and people shell out thousands for an animal that is NOT domesticated (captive bred does not mean domesticated). Marmosets live in very complex social groups that are required for them to live happy and stress-free. Scent production is also a trait and means of communication that is indispensable to a marmoset monkey. Unless Mr. Poggy here is only selling to buyers willing to provide an environment with 3+ GROUPS of marmosets with a dedicated enclosure that simulates the amazon basin, he too, is a scam artist. Only this time, its the animal paying the price, not the buyer.

  3. I am a cat rescuer so nothing would please me more than if everyone adopted shelter animals. My nagging and finger wagging and making videos about how _____ makes a terrible pet will not stop people getting exotic pets. If you're going to get an exotic pet (or even a purebred dog or cat) please seek out a reputable breeder. Don't support puppy mills or the illegal pet trade. You may pay a little more or wait a little longer but it will be worth it when you get a healthy pet and know that you didn't support an industry where animals injured or killed are considered the cost of doing business.

  4. TIP:
    Don't purchase these pets in the US if you can avoid it. If you're visiting China, get the proper paper work prepared. They sell for 6-12 British pounds in China. Bring back a couple males and females and you'll be set for a very long time. Remember, the environment is very important, these pygmy marmoset's chew on everything. You can't have them live in your home exposed to synthetic materials everywhere, with temp fluctuation. Setup a controlled environment with trees and natural forest like contents, more space the better. Do your research on their habitats. If you can't take care of a guinea pig, don't even bother.

  5. This is awful. NO ONE should have a pet monkey. By endorsing this slave trade–and i use that phrase with all deliberation–you are destroying habitats, decimating populations, ripping apart families. And for all that, when they reach their teen years, they will turn vicious, for lack of a better word. No, they won't eat your face, but they will break anything you own and make your home filthy. This is not a phase. There are a few monkeys living in homes because they had to be raised by hand from infancy due to horrible crimes committed by humans, from which other humans rescued them, but these are few and far between. THIS video, and the supportive comments, shows how deeply depraved humans can be, and not even realize it.

  6. Breeding is a shame considering the number of rescue animals that need a home… Its a trade off – ask yourself why you want an animal companion. Is it all for you, or do you want to try to make it a choice that benefits more than yourself? If its just for you, naturally you will put the exact species and age of companion you want above considerations of helping an animal in need. If you can try to move beyond just your own benefit, then you might come to feel that you can fall in love with an animal that isn't exactly the one you imagined, and is in dire need of assistance.

    Also consider breeders make A LOT of money, whilst rescue operations don't: they are non-profit. This makes it pretty clear where everyone's motivations are. Do the right thing!

  7. Okay anyone who watches this video please do not buy a monkey or any other primate. I'm not here to bash people who say they want one. I understand where they're coming from, they are adorable animals, but anyone who buys one does so out of ignorance. Let me explain. Firstly, there is a genuine difference between domestic and non-domestic species. In a domestic species certain traits, such as aggression, have been bred out in favor of traits that benefit humans. Marmosets have not been selectively bred. They are not domestic. They are wild and when you bring a wild animal into your home you engender risks, sometimes fatal, that you would not encounter with a dog (even the most dangerous breed of dog you can think of). Okay but lets say your all set up. Your aware of the risks and challenges. Your prepared to put the animals happiness ahead of, not only your own, but also your family. You still should not buy one because in doing so you threaten the species as a whole. The trade of primates is illegal. There are no captive populations except for in zoos and rescue centers. No one breeds and sells these animals (if they tell you they do then they are lying). They are all caught in the wild. Often mother's carrying babies are killed and shocked youngsters torn from their slowly cooling bodies. Not only is this cruel it is also illegal (with good reason). The illegal pet trade threatens a massive amount of species. If you buy a marmoset you are feeding a vicious cycle and one day your children will see a picture of your old pet and ask what it is. You will explain and then they will ask, "Where can I see one?". You will be left in awkward silence because there will be no more marmosets. They will all be extinct. Please don't buy one.

  8. First and foremost, I would not send any amount of money to someone that I do not know, for any reason. Second, I MUST see and play with a monkey for a while before I buy it, to be sure of what I am buying. I just can't believe someone would be naive enough to send any amount of money to someone they have never met, for something they have never seen. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!! Don't get caught up in any scam like that…use your brain.