Here’s a review of another turn-by-turn GPS app, CoPilot Live 8. This app is for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, and features text-to-speech turn-by-turn navigation. This review is of the USA/Canada version and it retails for $34.99 at the iTunes Store.

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  1. Got to say I've been lucky, it works a breeze and I love it. What bugs did you encounter ?
    My only complaint is that it should have a proper exit button, you turn it off and it is still working for 5 minutes then auto shuts down. Very annoying

  2. Oh my god there's so many updates since this video has come out, and well there's loadsa new gps apps also out cheaper ones, but all around I love copilot. It's never failed me, and I use all the features, and the voice does NOT sound like that, for a mid range price you get a full range product..

  3. The UK version is dreadful. I live in Blackpool and my nearest railway station is 50 miles away in Bury! (Apparently Blackpool North and Blackpool South don't exist). Google maps can find my position at my house in 2 minutes… Co-Pilot still hasn't found it yet! Rubbish app and a waste of money! Might work great in the US, but in the UK it is a disgrace

  4. I LOVE this app! I actually prefer it to Navigon (always had problems with getting my GPS location). I like the multi-stop function. I like all the different voices available. Although text-to-speech is choppy and computerized, the other voices are very pleasant and easy to understand. It's also nice to have an "itinerary" view to see all the directions in advance. Overall, love this app! I also bought it for only $20 on black friday 09!!

  5. This was a nice review. I'm living in Denmark, and i've bought this App for my iPhone 3GS 16 GB. It works so well, and only take like 500 mb space. I have also seen other reviews, and this is the best GPS u can get for the price. Navigon have got abit better ratings, but its so minimal. So go buy this folks 🙂