1. Instead of selling ICO's perhaps startups can sell limited edition digital art which uses some method of a public address combined with a private key (similar to cryptocurrencies) for authentication. Some method of copy protection tech could also be incorporated to prevent counterfeiting. Perhaps even basecoin tech could be implemented to prevent the value of the art from dropping below a certain amount. Then the SEC would have no justifiable reason to intervene. Such art could then be exchanged on a trading platform similar to how cryptocurrencies are traded and eventually replace stocks, ICO's, promissory notes, and other instruments used by businesses to obtain venture capital.

  2. Crypto are not funds, money or revenue.  ICO's are not raising funds, they are raising cryptos and when they start to realize this and quit calling their ICO's "Fund Raisers" they will stay out of trouble and be better off.  The SEC is interested in "FUND RAISING" not crypto raising.

  3. You have to laugh, you all winge about Fiat currencies, then swear by Bitcoin, intrinsic value…zero………….Ps……..crypto is now dead……As i stated on another vid…..NO INTRINSIC VALUE, WORSE THAN FIAT, and my last comment as the whole subject is a joke.

  4. Outstanding, intelligent analogy of a serious issue. Love the "sack" clip & soundtrack. Reminds me of the "steel curtain" days! But I digress from the important points made addressing the SEC & ICO issues. I engaged in only 1 ICO & it was based heavily on the person heading the project, David Siegel.

  5. The hypocrisy of the SEC going after a crowd sale ICO is clearly a threat when they have had years to go after metals ETF exploiters but prefer to wink at that crime. On occasion they throw a red flag on metals traders but it's only for illusion and a little forecasted payola…

  6. What this will do is force All ICO off shore. And the USA will fall farther behind. The SEC doesnt regulate the whole world, just the US. And, its not illegal for US citizens to participate in financial services in other countries as long as they follow tax laws and declare said activity properly

  7. How far is the difference between shares and ico's? Could amazon or google offered tokens when they was raising funds. I don't know the right answer to this question, I'm just trying to formulate an understanding of what ICO's are when they represent a token of some kind.

  8. [I can see you dashing into a phone booth and changing between FF and CS vids]

    They hadn't consulted a lawyer prior to their ICO ? Well, that's just stupid; they should know better. They need to come out of their parent's basement more often …

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