Recently I made a video about my thoughts of the new Apple Watch Series 2 Nike + Edition. I had a few people asking me how to set it up so that you don’t need to take your iPhone with you.

This video shows you how to listen to music and run without your iPhone!

Hope you enjoy!
I love you all!!


  1. Thanks bro for the sweet vid! Apple pay is another cool feature I noticed so you don't even have to bring your water bottle. You can just buy one with your watch 😉 They should come out with a keyless entry to your house so you literally don't need to bring your wallet keys or phone when you go for runs. All you need literally is your headphones and your apple watch.

  2. If anyone wants a killer run "mix tape" and you're an Apple Music user, let me know and I'll post a link. All songs are around 150 bpm to 180 bpm, obviously it's free since we all have access to the same tunes now! Mostly 90s era RnR with a few recent songs too. Over 10 hours, so it's not boring.

    Ran today for the first time with Bluetooth headphones and Apple Watch only (no iPhone). It was great. Only thing is, I'd like to use the Nike app to control the music, is that possible?

  3. Dude nice video! There are no many people that explain this. I´m buying Iwatch only because u can go for a run without iphone (the main reason, obv u can do more stuff with it) Love your accent btw, I´m from Spain and listening to you helps me a lot to improve my English, where are you from??

  4. I tried running with my Apple Watch today but when I look at my stats in the Nike run app I can see my heartrate stats so I don't know if it's tracking it while I run. Also, I can find the map of my route anywhere , not on my Nike run app nor on my activity page under my splits ?

  5. I tried running twice with Nike Run Club app and it failed to count my mileage. Gave me an error and had to switch to the workout app on the apple watch 2 instead in the middle of my run. Am i missing a set up? I tried quick starting and also setting a 3.2 mile goal and hit start. Still didn't work